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The Anderson Home

Posted by Teena Fuller on 7/30/2013 to Historical Porcelain

The Larz and Isabel Anderson Home

These beautiful porcelain items, and many historical pieces of art work, are on display at The Anderson Home in Washington D.C.  Mrs. Isabel Anderson,  a poet and writer of plays, travelogues and books for children, left her home to The Society of Cincinnati in honor of her husband.


Her husband, Larz Anderson, was a member of The Society of Cincinnati, a male only institution that was started in the 1790's by officers of the Revolutionary War.  The officers wanted a place to meet, remember and support each other as the war was coming to an end.


Unfortunately, the laws of the society give the oldest son of each member automatic membership into the society for all future generations with no exceptions for daughters or 2nd sons. This was seen as hypocritical as we had just won a war from the very nation that inspired such a one sided tradition and many of the members were not first sons.


The society has preserved many important , books, papers, personal artifacts, maps,  military assignments, certificates and other important documents of the creation of the United States of America.

Ironically, the entire time I was at the museum and on tour, I only saw women. The women run the front desk, the tours and are the museums docent, archivist, librarians and housekeepers.   For a complete list of their staff and more information about the Society, here is a link: http://www.societyofthecincinnati.org/about/staff/

Fourth Anniversary

Posted by Teena Fuller on 7/10/2013 to Blue White Vase Info
42" Tall Vase and 30" Dragon Vase

 Fourth Anniversary of BlueWhiteVases.com

On July 21st we will celebrate the 4th year anniversary of BlueWhiteVases.com's opening. We are very thankful for our many friends and clients who have made this possible.

Designer Show House

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Our dedication to customer service and safe delivery will continue and we look forward to many more years servicing the needs of our clients.

I also want to thank the freight deliver personnel and UPS truck drivers who take the time to delivery our packages safely and to the great crew of professional packers at our warehouse.

Freight Delivery to Home
Wood Crates and Pallets for Safe Delivery

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