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Eleanor Roosevelt's Val-Kill

Posted by Teena Fuller on 4/30/2014 to Historical Porcelain

Eleanor Roosevelt's Val-Kill

A wonderful and historic place to visit in the United States is The Hudson Valley in New York State. The Hudson River cuts through the green hills and beautiful historic mansions perch along the cliffs giving you scenic vistas in all directions.  One of many places to visit and tour is Eleanor Roosevelt's home that she named Val-Kill.  Eleanor was a remarkable women: the first women United Nation delegate for the U.S.,  writer of the Declaration of Human Rights, author of numerous books, business women and diplomat.  

Eleanor was born a Roosevelt as her father, Elliott Roosevelt, was the younger brother of Theodore Roosevelt.  Eleanor then married her distant cousin Franklin Roosevelt in 1905 and became the First Lady when her husband was elected the 32nd 
President of the United States in November of 1932.

 Val-Kill became a National Historic Site in 1977 and is the only National Site dedicated to a First Lady. This National Site offers limited tours including a movie, a small museum and a tour of the downstairs portion of her home.  You must make specific reservations to tour the upstairs which includes the bedroom area and a view from the massive porches. 

In the National Historic Site Gift Shop attached to Eleanor's home, they offer for sell these two small floral tea sets.

Eleanor led an amazing life including a night time plane ride with Amelia Earhart as the pilot; I encourage you to read more about her accomplishments and have attached a few links below.

To read a list of her accomplishments and a brief bio read: