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Spring 2018 Sale

Posted by Teena Fuller on 3/9/2018 to Blue White Vase Info

Marjorie Post's Porcelain Collection

Posted by Teena Fuller on 1/9/2016 to Historical Porcelain

Hillwood Estate and Museum

 The French Porcelain Room

I recently traveled to Washington D.C. and toured the Hillwood Estate, the home of Marjorie Post. Marjorie was the daughter of Ella Merriweather and Charles Post, of the cereal industry C.W. Post which founded the Postum Cereal Company. Postum eventually became General Foods Corporation with the help of Marjorie's first husband.

Marjorie Merriweather purchased Hillwood, a 25-acre estate in Washington D.C., in 1955 after her marriage ended to Joseph Davies, a U.S. Ambassador to Russia.  The home, which had been build in the 1920's, overlooks Rock Creek Park. Immediately after purchasing Hillwood, Marjorie hired a NYC architect, Alexander McIlvaine, and a fashionable interior design firm, to reconstruct and enlarge the house and the gardens. 

Marjorie Post wanted Hillwood to function as a home but was also aware that many hundreds of people would be in her home to see her priceless collections, and that it would eventually become an extraordinary museum of art, furniture, decor and porcelains. 

At Hillwood, she showcased her porcelain in beautifully built cabinets, and her art collection on magnificent full walls, for her enjoyment as well as for her family, friends, and charities that she was involved in.  

Her collections center around eighteen- century French aristocratic culture, including finely crafted French furniture, and imperial Russia's court life with many portraits of the tsars and tsarinas.

Thanks to Marjorie's extensive travels, and to the years she lived in Russia with her Ambassador husband Joseph Davies, the porcelain collection includes tableware, vases, jars, fish bowls, collectible plates, tea sets and figurines from China, France, and Russia. 

The largest case, in the French Porcelain Room, is filled with Sevres' famed Blue Celeste pattern and includes the first complete service that the Sevres factory ever made.

The photos are from the French Porcelain room. I will post separately, photos of the Russian Porcelain Room, the Theater, her Dining Collection, and the gardens.

Marjorie died on September 12, 1973 at Hillwood and left her home as a museum as a gift to the public. For more information, see the Hillwood Museum website.

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Summer Promo Codes

Posted by Teena Fuller on 6/24/2015 to Blue White Vase Info
Summer Discount Special

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Oxblood Red Porcelain History

Posted by Teena Fuller on 5/8/2015 to Blue White Vase Info
Oxblood Red Porcelain History



The earliest known copper-red glaze occured during the Tang dynasty and it reappeared in both the Ming dynasty and eventually perfected in the Qing dynasty. The well protected secrets of making the copper red glazes, also called oxblood red, turned out to be so well protected that many formulas were destroyed and not passed down to the next Mastercraftsman.


A hundred years or more would pass where the art of red porcelain was lost completely, and then, reinvented once again. Because of this, different red glazes exist today, all with different names despite their obvious similarities.  


The red glaze is made with copper, a very volatile substance that makes the red glaze difficult to predict if the porcelain will turn out pure red when finished. 

Everyone recognises the difficulty in achieving this glaze.  “It’s sophisticated and refined, and it’s difficult to achieve,” says Tina McEown, an antiques dealer and collector in the Valley. “It’s fired with no oxygen, which can cause the color to change, and it’s fired many times. It’s not simple.”  

For additional reading on the ox blood red porcelain, click on the three links provided below. 

All the photos on this page are products from www.BlueWhiteVases.com.




Chenghua Chicken Cup

Posted by Teena Fuller on 3/5/2015 to Historical Porcelain

Chenghua Chicken Cup Exhibition

The rare Chicken Cup, that sold at a Sotheby's auction for $36 million dollars in April of 2014 is currently on display at The Long Museum in Shanghai.

 Below is the link to the museum's web site which contains information about the cup, its history and the other porcelain pieces of interest.

The World of Zhu Jianshen: The Life and Era of a Chinese Emperor -Chenghua Chicken Cup Exhibition 

"The most rare and sought-after porcelain in the world, the Chenghua Chicken Cup of the Ming dynasty will appear as a centerpiece at LONG MUSEUM’s special exhibit The World of Zhu Jianshen: The Life of a Chinese Emperor and His Era. The opening ceremony will be held on December 18 in West Bund of Long Museum. The exhibition will be held from December 19, 2014 - February 8, 2015." 

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Meaning of Vase Shapes

Posted by Teena Fuller on 1/5/2015 to Blue White Vase Info

The Meaning of the Shape

Most people who love blue and white porcelain also enjoy reading about the history, examining the makers marks and learning about the meaning of the shapes and symbols that enhance the beauty of Chinese porcelain vases.  If this describes you, then you will enjoy the next few blogs as I share with you a list of web pages that look at porcelain collectors, answer your questions about porcelain shapes/ symbols and broaden our historical perspective of the importance of Chinese porcelain.

Chinese Vase infographic
The above illustrations are the work of Jennifer Cortes, the senior production editor of artnet and is part of an article written by Helen Bu, the editor for artnet.  If you click on the below link you will find a paragraph describing the shapes of each vase, the time period that they were popular, their original name and the English translation. 


I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.  In the February newsletter I will have another interesting web site to share and please feel free to share your favorite site with me at [email protected]

 All credit goes to artnet for the above illustrations.
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July 4th Special

Posted by Teena Fuller on 6/21/2014 to Discount Promo Info
July 4th Special

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Eleanor Roosevelt's Val-Kill

Posted by Teena Fuller on 4/30/2014 to Historical Porcelain

Eleanor Roosevelt's Val-Kill

A wonderful and historic place to visit in the United States is The Hudson Valley in New York State. The Hudson River cuts through the green hills and beautiful historic mansions perch along the cliffs giving you scenic vistas in all directions.  One of many places to visit and tour is Eleanor Roosevelt's home that she named Val-Kill.  Eleanor was a remarkable women: the first women United Nation delegate for the U.S.,  writer of the Declaration of Human Rights, author of numerous books, business women and diplomat.  

Eleanor was born a Roosevelt as her father, Elliott Roosevelt, was the younger brother of Theodore Roosevelt.  Eleanor then married her distant cousin Franklin Roosevelt in 1905 and became the First Lady when her husband was elected the 32nd 
President of the United States in November of 1932.

 Val-Kill became a National Historic Site in 1977 and is the only National Site dedicated to a First Lady. This National Site offers limited tours including a movie, a small museum and a tour of the downstairs portion of her home.  You must make specific reservations to tour the upstairs which includes the bedroom area and a view from the massive porches. 

In the National Historic Site Gift Shop attached to Eleanor's home, they offer for sell these two small floral tea sets.

Eleanor led an amazing life including a night time plane ride with Amelia Earhart as the pilot; I encourage you to read more about her accomplishments and have attached a few links below.

To read a list of her accomplishments and a brief bio read:

American Folk Artist Grandma Moses

Posted by Teena Fuller on 2/18/2014 to Historical Porcelain

Grandma Moses

Anna Mary Robertson Moses began painting at the age of 76 after her arthritic hands could no longer hold on to an embroidery needle.  She began by selling her paintings at the local drug storein Hoosick Falls, NY for $3.00.  Then one day, a New York art collector, Louis J. Caldor, drove through town and saw her folk art on display.  He immediately purchased all the paintings at the drug store and then proceeded to her home to purchase more.  

Many items that once belonged to Grandma Moses are on display at the Bennington School House Museum where they have moved Anna Moses's original childhood, one room, school house. On display are some of her art supplies, her childhood porcelain tea set, a favorite doll, a hand painted table top and several of her folk art paintings. 

At the time of Anna Mary's death, her paintings were in over 9 museums in Paris, London, Vienna, and the United States.  She is famous for painting bright colored folk art in the way she remembered her home town and favorite homes. One of her most famous pieces is the Checkered House which served as the British Army Officer Headquarters in the War of Independence of 1777.

For more information about Grandma Moses, check out these web sites:

Christian Heurich House Museum

Posted by Teena Fuller on 1/9/2014 to Historical Porcelain
Christian Heurich House Museum

The Brewmaster's House

This beautiful Victorian house in the heart of Washington D.C. celebrates the life of Christian Heurich, his family and the gilded age of America.  The home's interior is graced with the original furnishings including several amazing pieces of porcelain. Built from 1892 to 1894 by Christian Heurich, who was a German immigrant and one of the wealthiest landowners and also a local brewer and the largest private employer in the nation’s capital..

Christian married three times and had four children with his last wife, Amelia Keyser: Christian Jr., Anna, Anita, and Karla. Christian ran the Christian Heurich Brewing Company until his death at 102. 

This home is open for tours for a nominal fee of $5.00 Wednesday thru Saturday but at restricted times so check their web site prior to going:  http://www.heurichhouse.org/visit/

Porcelain Lamps from Porcelain Vases

Posted by Teena Fuller on 11/12/2013 to Blue White Vase Info

Creative Fun with Porcelain Lamps

 What do you imagine when someone says the word "lamp"?

A functional and traditional cylinder with a lamp shade on top or a fun alternative?  With porcelain vases, jars and figurines we can create
different styles of lamps for different rooms and purposes.

On the right is a blue and white porcelain vase made into a lamp with a wood base and a custom lamp shade trimmed in blue that is perfect for a bedroom.

And here is the terrific small lamp for a child's room or for someone who collects tea pots or pigs. This lamp has a pink finial and the linen custom lamp shade is decorated with pink and green beads.

If you love a porcelain figurine but do not like having a "dust catcher"  try turning it into a lamp making it functional and lovable at the same time.

By changing the lamp base, the finial and custom ordering the lamp shade, there are 1000's of way to create individual lamps to match or compliment your work and home space.

Below are examples of Lucite bases; one on a celadon green porcelain plum jar and another on a white phoenix-tail porcelain vase.  A terrific carved mahogany wood base is pictured under the ox blood red porcelain double gourd vase while the blue and white porcelain vase has plain wood.  Note the custom made flared lamp shade on the charcoal and yellow porcelain lamp and the orange finial on the antique vase porcelain lamp.

Feel free to email or call me about creating your own fun or functional porcelain lamps at BlueWhiteVases.com.  We can wire any of or your porcelain items to create a one of a kind lamp.

Porcelain at Mary Rockefeller's Mansion

Posted by : Teena Fuller on 9/18/2013 to Historical Porcelain

Marsh Billing Rockefeller National Historic Park

Mary Rockefeller's Family Home
 Mary French, a grand daughter of Frederick Billings who was famous in the late 1800's as a lawyer, pioneer in reforestation, scientific farm management, and as President and part owner of the Northern Pacific railroad, gave her family home and contents, located in Woodstock Vermont, to the American people.
Gardens near Pool House
The home and land were declared a National Historic Park in 1992. Her husband, Laurance Rockefeller, a conservationist himself, said that "his interest in Woodstock flowed simply from the fact that it was Mary’s home – his active participation in the shaping of Woodstock’s future grew as a natural consequence of their shared interests and their love of the outdoors."
Cement Bench Covered in Moss

 There are two great parts to this National Park. One is the land itself. Vermont was a beautiful forested land until sheep farmers cleared the trees without knowing the consequences which included drainage problems and erosion. It took years of study, experimentation and dedication to restore the land to its natural state and still wisely use some lands for profitable farming and subsistence.

Displayed in Dining Room
The second great part of this Historic Park is the Mansion and its contents. Her grandfather, Mr. Billings, purchased the George Perkins Marsh Estate in 1869 mainly because he was familiar with the previous owners pioneering volume on ecology called Man and Nature. After Billings' death in 1890, his wife and daughters took over management of the farm and forest properties
Chia Ch’ing Period 1796-1820

Julia Parmly Billings, Mary's grandmother, was managing the Billings Farm when it took top honors at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The Billings' daughters, Laura, Mary (Mary's mother) and Elizabeth, took up the responsibility for managing the estate after their mother's death in 1914.  Eventually Mary French, who married Laurance Spelman Rockefeller in 1934,  inherited the farm and properties in the 1950s.

K’ang Hsi Period 1662-1722

Much of the contents of this historic home were collected during the late 1800's when  Mr. Billings was alive and are still available to see with the purchase of a $4.00 to $8.00 Home Tour Ticket. Although photos in the home are not allowed, the Museum Curator, Laura Anderson, was kind enough to provide me with three photos of different porcelain items that are on display in the home: one blue and white 24" porcelain vase, one multi-colored ginger jar from the Chia Ch’ing Period (1796-1820)  one blue and white porcelain ginger jar from the K’ang Hsi Period (1662-1722).

If you find yourself near Woodstock, Vermont, I hope you will take time to enjoy the hiking, displays and tours available at this National Historic Park.

Porcelain at Glenmont Estate; Thomas Edison

Posted by Teena Fuller on 8/27/2013 to Historical Porcelain

The Home and Laboratory of Thomas Edison

Glenmont Estate in New Jersey
When Thomas Alva Edison died in 1931 he was well known as a prolific inventor, a successful manufacturer and businessman, as well as a husband, father and friend. 

One of his famous quotes regarding friendship is, "I have friends in overalls whose friendship I would not swap for the favor of the kings of the world". 
He exerted a tremendous influence on life then and his knowledge is still the base for our continued electronic age including inventions in batteries, light bulbs, the recording of  voice and the phonograph machine to play back the voice along with inventions of the motion picture camera.

Thomas Edison is credited with improving the telegraph and telephone. In his 84 years, he acquired over 1,000 patents and is known for his tenacity; "When you have exhausted all possibilities, please remember this - you haven't." 

It was due to this fame the his wife, Mina, kept the beautifully decorated Estate, Thomas's home office and the Edison Laboratories exactly as they were the day he died.

In doing this she helped preserve the historical information that had been accumulated which is now elegantly displayed and preserved as part of the Thomas Edison National Historical Park New Jersey.  
 The Edison's collected many beautiful pieces of porcelain over the years including vases on the mantel pieces, the side tables and rows of china in the dining room cabinets.

The National Park tour includes Glenmont Estate, the home where he and Mina lived,  and just down the street from the home you can tour the laboratories, the work shop, his offices and see many of his inventions on display in the warehouses.

Available Items

Posted by Teena Fuller on 8/20/2013 to Blue White Vase Info

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The Anderson Home

Posted by Teena Fuller on 7/30/2013 to Historical Porcelain

The Larz and Isabel Anderson Home

These beautiful porcelain items, and many historical pieces of art work, are on display at The Anderson Home in Washington D.C.  Mrs. Isabel Anderson,  a poet and writer of plays, travelogues and books for children, left her home to The Society of Cincinnati in honor of her husband.


Her husband, Larz Anderson, was a member of The Society of Cincinnati, a male only institution that was started in the 1790's by officers of the Revolutionary War.  The officers wanted a place to meet, remember and support each other as the war was coming to an end.


Unfortunately, the laws of the society give the oldest son of each member automatic membership into the society for all future generations with no exceptions for daughters or 2nd sons. This was seen as hypocritical as we had just won a war from the very nation that inspired such a one sided tradition and many of the members were not first sons.


The society has preserved many important , books, papers, personal artifacts, maps,  military assignments, certificates and other important documents of the creation of the United States of America.

Ironically, the entire time I was at the museum and on tour, I only saw women. The women run the front desk, the tours and are the museums docent, archivist, librarians and housekeepers.   For a complete list of their staff and more information about the Society, here is a link: http://www.societyofthecincinnati.org/about/staff/

Fourth Anniversary

Posted by Teena Fuller on 7/10/2013 to Blue White Vase Info
42" Tall Vase and 30" Dragon Vase

 Fourth Anniversary of BlueWhiteVases.com

On July 21st we will celebrate the 4th year anniversary of BlueWhiteVases.com's opening. We are very thankful for our many friends and clients who have made this possible.

Designer Show House

I want to extend a thank you, not only to our customers who have purchased from our web site, but also to the many people who have referred their friends and families. You are the reason for our success.

Our dedication to customer service and safe delivery will continue and we look forward to many more years servicing the needs of our clients.

I also want to thank the freight deliver personnel and UPS truck drivers who take the time to delivery our packages safely and to the great crew of professional packers at our warehouse.

Freight Delivery to Home
Wood Crates and Pallets for Safe Delivery

Please feel free to contact us at any time for help with measurements, delivery questions or any needs that you might have.Our toll free number is 1-877-812-4518 or email us at [email protected]


Teena D. Fuller
Owner Tastefully Done Designs

Woodrow Wilson's Home

Posted by Teena Fuller on 6/25/2013 to Historical Porcelain

Thomas W. Wilson's Boyhood Home 1860 to 1870


While traveling in Georgia this winter I visited the boyhood home of Woodrow Wilson. I found it extremely interesting to contemplate the influence the civil war scenes playing outside his families windows had on his life and in the decisions he made as President of the United States during World War I.

Just across the street from the family home is one of many churches that held prisoners of war and injured soldiers waiting for medical help and his father was pastor of another major church.

This museum has many original pieces of furniture and porcelain items and the tour guide loves to tell stories about "Tom" and his antics as a boy.  Thomas Wilson official dropped his first name and used Woodrow, his middle name and is his mother's maiden name.

Woodrow Wilson was President at the end of World War I and "played an international role in the negotiation of the Treaty of Versailles and the organization of the League of Nations." He is also the President that issued a presidential proclamation on May 9th of 1919 that officially established the first national Mother s Day holiday.

Here is a link to Woodrow Wilson's Boyhood Home Museum: http://www.wilsonboyhoodhome.org


96 National Historic Site

Posted by Teena Fuller on 5/18/2013 to Historical Porcelain

Longest Unsuccessful Military Siege of the Revolutionary War

Ninety Six National Historic Site 

The  eight point walls of  Star Fort built in late 1780 and completed in early 1781 by Loyalist soldiers and slaves still stands in Ninety Six, South Carolina.  You can view the original walls of the Star Fort and the surrounding historical buildings at the Ninety Six National Historic Site.

In May of 1782, Major General Nathanael Greene of the Continental Army led 1,000 men in a siege against the 550 Loyalists who were also born in  at 96 and the connecting Star Fort. The 28-day siege was unsuccessful and the Continental Army was forced to lift the siege when support of British troops were rumored to be on the way.

According to the National Park, "the unusual name of Ninety Six (96) was given to this area by early traders in the 1700's because they mistakenly believed it was the estimated number of miles to the Cherokee village of Keowee in the upper South Carolina foothills."  I think this is a culturally biased assumption as I find it hard to believe that the Indians, French traders or British loyalists were using miles as their standard of measurement. I hope one of my readers will know more about the history of kilometers, miles and other standards of measurement in order to prove the above theory right or wrong.

At the National Historic Site you can see porcelain serving bowls from China at the visitors center and walk the many paths around the fort and surrounding historic buildings.  Also, the visitors center has numerous accounts and stories of the Revolutionary War and its impact and repercussions on the people living on land in the midst of its first major war.

Rose Cliff Mansion

Posted by Teena Fuller on 4/6/2013 to Historical Porcelain

Newport, Rhode Island

In April of 2012 I went to Newport, Rhode Island to tour the mansions that are open thanks to the Preservation Society of Newport County.  The mansions, mainly built in the mid to late 1800’s belonged to families such as the Cornelius Vanderbilt II,  and Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt.  The Preservation Society offers packages of 5 home tours for $40.00. This is rather inexpensive per home if you intend to go, and I did, to all of the mansions available.  They offer different homes at different times so make sure the home you want to see is open.  Their official web site is http://www.newportmansions.org/.  

 One of my favorite homes is the Rose Cliff Mansion; built by California born
                                      silver heiresses, Theresa and Virginia Fair.

Theresa Fair married Hermann Oelrichs while Virginia married William Vanderbilt.  They started the home in 1898,  modeling it after the garden retreat of French kings at Versailles, and  completed it in 1902. 

 For the garden lovers,  wait until June or July to take this trip, but if home interiors are what you want to see then any time of the year will work.  This home is full of beautiful porcelain vases, jars and home décor items but I was only allowed to take photos of  the items in the gift shop.

Updated Web Site Goes Live

Posted by Administrator on 3/31/2013 to Blue White Vase Info
I am happy to announce that the updated web site with improved photos has gone live. I hope you will check out our new features and create your own wish list at bluewhitevases.com. Teena Fuller

Confederate White House

Posted by Teena Fuller on 3/19/2013 to Historical Porcelain

First Home to the President of the Confederacy
I recently spent time in Montgomery, Alabama and found an interesting mix of historical places to visit.  The "White House" museum is located downtown across from the state capital building. Their official web site is: http://www.firstwhitehouse.org/.   Here are a few photos from the first "White House of the Confederacy".  The home tour is free and several original pieces of art, personal belongings, furniture and porcelain items on display.