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Meaning of Vase Shapes

Posted by Teena Fuller on 1/5/2015 to Blue White Vase Info

The Meaning of the Shape

Most people who love blue and white porcelain also enjoy reading about the history, examining the makers marks and learning about the meaning of the shapes and symbols that enhance the beauty of Chinese porcelain vases.  If this describes you, then you will enjoy the next few blogs as I share with you a list of web pages that look at porcelain collectors, answer your questions about porcelain shapes/ symbols and broaden our historical perspective of the importance of Chinese porcelain.

Chinese Vase infographic
The above illustrations are the work of Jennifer Cortes, the senior production editor of artnet and is part of an article written by Helen Bu, the editor for artnet.  If you click on the below link you will find a paragraph describing the shapes of each vase, the time period that they were popular, their original name and the English translation. 


I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.  In the February newsletter I will have another interesting web site to share and please feel free to share your favorite site with me at [email protected]

 All credit goes to artnet for the above illustrations.
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