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Chenghua Chicken Cup

Posted by Teena Fuller on 3/5/2015 to Historical Porcelain

Chenghua Chicken Cup Exhibition

The rare Chicken Cup, that sold at a Sotheby's auction for $36 million dollars in April of 2014 is currently on display at The Long Museum in Shanghai.

 Below is the link to the museum's web site which contains information about the cup, its history and the other porcelain pieces of interest.

The World of Zhu Jianshen: The Life and Era of a Chinese Emperor -Chenghua Chicken Cup Exhibition 

"The most rare and sought-after porcelain in the world, the Chenghua Chicken Cup of the Ming dynasty will appear as a centerpiece at LONG MUSEUM’s special exhibit The World of Zhu Jianshen: The Life of a Chinese Emperor and His Era. The opening ceremony will be held on December 18 in West Bund of Long Museum. The exhibition will be held from December 19, 2014 - February 8, 2015." 

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