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Spring 2018 Sale

Posted by Teena Fuller on 3/9/2018 to Blue White Vase Info

Summer Promo Codes

Posted by Teena Fuller on 6/24/2015 to Blue White Vase Info
Summer Discount Special

In celebration of our sixth summer as the largest online Porcelain Home Decor Website, we are offering additional discounts from June 24th through August 24th, 2015. 

Promotion Code - Minimum Order

Summer20 - No minimum for 20% off

Summer30 - $600 minimum for 30% off

Summer35 - $4,000 minimum for 35% off 

Summer40 - $8,000 minimum for 40% off 

Summer45 - $18,000 minimum for 45% off

Vases, Temple Jars, Fish Bowls, Home Decor,  Decorative Boxes, Plates & Umbrella Stands

We would be glad to check stock and hold merchandise for up to 7 days. Orders over $200 qualify for free shipping. Most orders are shipped via UPS 4 day ground; large orders are shipped fully insured via freight truck.
Thank you from  BlueWhiteVases.com 

Feel free to share this e-mail with friends and family.
Discounts not valid on clearance items.

Oxblood Red Porcelain History

Posted by Teena Fuller on 5/8/2015 to Blue White Vase Info
Oxblood Red Porcelain History



The earliest known copper-red glaze occured during the Tang dynasty and it reappeared in both the Ming dynasty and eventually perfected in the Qing dynasty. The well protected secrets of making the copper red glazes, also called oxblood red, turned out to be so well protected that many formulas were destroyed and not passed down to the next Mastercraftsman.


A hundred years or more would pass where the art of red porcelain was lost completely, and then, reinvented once again. Because of this, different red glazes exist today, all with different names despite their obvious similarities.  


The red glaze is made with copper, a very volatile substance that makes the red glaze difficult to predict if the porcelain will turn out pure red when finished. 

Everyone recognises the difficulty in achieving this glaze.  “It’s sophisticated and refined, and it’s difficult to achieve,” says Tina McEown, an antiques dealer and collector in the Valley. “It’s fired with no oxygen, which can cause the color to change, and it’s fired many times. It’s not simple.”  

For additional reading on the ox blood red porcelain, click on the three links provided below. 

All the photos on this page are products from www.BlueWhiteVases.com.




Meaning of Vase Shapes

Posted by Teena Fuller on 1/5/2015 to Blue White Vase Info

The Meaning of the Shape

Most people who love blue and white porcelain also enjoy reading about the history, examining the makers marks and learning about the meaning of the shapes and symbols that enhance the beauty of Chinese porcelain vases.  If this describes you, then you will enjoy the next few blogs as I share with you a list of web pages that look at porcelain collectors, answer your questions about porcelain shapes/ symbols and broaden our historical perspective of the importance of Chinese porcelain.

Chinese Vase infographic
The above illustrations are the work of Jennifer Cortes, the senior production editor of artnet and is part of an article written by Helen Bu, the editor for artnet.  If you click on the below link you will find a paragraph describing the shapes of each vase, the time period that they were popular, their original name and the English translation. 


I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.  In the February newsletter I will have another interesting web site to share and please feel free to share your favorite site with me at [email protected]

 All credit goes to artnet for the above illustrations.
#blueandwhite #Chinese Porcelain #porcelainvase

Porcelain Lamps from Porcelain Vases

Posted by Teena Fuller on 11/12/2013 to Blue White Vase Info

Creative Fun with Porcelain Lamps

 What do you imagine when someone says the word "lamp"?

A functional and traditional cylinder with a lamp shade on top or a fun alternative?  With porcelain vases, jars and figurines we can create
different styles of lamps for different rooms and purposes.

On the right is a blue and white porcelain vase made into a lamp with a wood base and a custom lamp shade trimmed in blue that is perfect for a bedroom.

And here is the terrific small lamp for a child's room or for someone who collects tea pots or pigs. This lamp has a pink finial and the linen custom lamp shade is decorated with pink and green beads.

If you love a porcelain figurine but do not like having a "dust catcher"  try turning it into a lamp making it functional and lovable at the same time.

By changing the lamp base, the finial and custom ordering the lamp shade, there are 1000's of way to create individual lamps to match or compliment your work and home space.

Below are examples of Lucite bases; one on a celadon green porcelain plum jar and another on a white phoenix-tail porcelain vase.  A terrific carved mahogany wood base is pictured under the ox blood red porcelain double gourd vase while the blue and white porcelain vase has plain wood.  Note the custom made flared lamp shade on the charcoal and yellow porcelain lamp and the orange finial on the antique vase porcelain lamp.

Feel free to email or call me about creating your own fun or functional porcelain lamps at BlueWhiteVases.com.  We can wire any of or your porcelain items to create a one of a kind lamp.

Available Items

Posted by Teena Fuller on 8/20/2013 to Blue White Vase Info

Porcelain Home Decor Available At


Blue and White Porcelain Vase; 24" Tall

A Traditional Cobalt Blue and White Floral Pattern
Retail $750.00 Item# Vase 3913 bw.


Porcelain Fish Bowls

From 8" to 24"

   Blue and White Porcelain

From 8" to 60"


   Celadon Green Porcelain

Vases, Temple Jars, Lamps, Serving Bowls


 Oxblood Red Porcelain

Boxes, Figurines, Umbrella Stands


 Porcelain Bowls 

Blue & White, Solid Colors and Patterns


 Porcelain Antiques

Blue & White and Patterns


  Porcelain Figurines 

Blue & White and Patterns


  Porcelain Umbrella Stands

All Colors and Patterns


Porcelain Boxes

Blue & White, Solid Colors and Patterns

Fourth Anniversary

Posted by Teena Fuller on 7/10/2013 to Blue White Vase Info
42" Tall Vase and 30" Dragon Vase

 Fourth Anniversary of BlueWhiteVases.com

On July 21st we will celebrate the 4th year anniversary of BlueWhiteVases.com's opening. We are very thankful for our many friends and clients who have made this possible.

Designer Show House

I want to extend a thank you, not only to our customers who have purchased from our web site, but also to the many people who have referred their friends and families. You are the reason for our success.

Our dedication to customer service and safe delivery will continue and we look forward to many more years servicing the needs of our clients.

I also want to thank the freight deliver personnel and UPS truck drivers who take the time to delivery our packages safely and to the great crew of professional packers at our warehouse.

Freight Delivery to Home
Wood Crates and Pallets for Safe Delivery

Please feel free to contact us at any time for help with measurements, delivery questions or any needs that you might have.Our toll free number is 1-877-812-4518 or email us at [email protected]


Teena D. Fuller
Owner Tastefully Done Designs

Updated Web Site Goes Live

Posted by Administrator on 3/31/2013 to Blue White Vase Info
I am happy to announce that the updated web site with improved photos has gone live. I hope you will check out our new features and create your own wish list at bluewhitevases.com. Teena Fuller